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I'am working in a GTK-sharp application. I have this code but combobox1 doesn't display any item. Why not?

ListStore store = new ListStore(typeof(myclass));

store.AppendValue(new myclass("hola",7));
store.AppendValue(new myclass("hola2",8));
store.AppendValue(new myclass("hola3",2));

combobox1.Model = store;

The class myclass overrides ToString()

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Why have you not set the following properties for combobox combobox1.DisplayMember = "description"; combobox1.ValueMember = "id";? –  ebad86 Feb 21 '12 at 5:05

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What you are looking for is custom Gtk.CellRenderer:

private void MyClassRenderer(CellLayout cell_layout, CellRenderer cell, TreeModel model, TreeIter iter)
    MyClass myclass = model.GetValue(iter, 0) as MyClass;
    (cell as CellRendererText).Text = myclass.ToString();

With some additional code in the setup method like this:

CellRendererText myClassCell = new CellRendererText();
combobox1.PackStart(myClassCell, true);
combobox1.SetCellDataFunc(myClassCell, MyClassRenderer);

ListStore store = new ListStore(typeof(MyClass));

store.AppendValues(new MyClass("hola",7));
store.AppendValues(new MyClass("hola2",8));
store.AppendValues(new MyClass("hola3",2));

combobox1.Model = store;

Make sure the SetCellDataFunc method is called after PackStart method.

Job done! :)

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This is a pretty good answer. –  Luka Aug 28 '13 at 10:20

I'm not really sure, but make sure the listbox key and values are mapped to the fields in the class. I think it needs to be specific. After setting the value, make sure to do the final databind like: control.DataBind();

In general, C# binding goes like: 1) automatic colum generation/manually map all fields to keys and values 2). set the field 3. and call the bind() function.

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