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I'm looking for a way to upload images to a django filefield through a tiny mce plugin.

I've tried using IBrowser using these instructions and figured I could then just write a python script in place of the php script that comes with the plugin. But I can't even get the button to display with those instructions, let alone rewrite it so that it works with django.

So I'm wondering if there is a well know way to create an upload image button that works with django and will upload to your server or if I can get ibrowser to work in this way.

Currently, tinymce is served to my django admin following the django wikis suggestions. I've tried adding ibrowser with the following file structure:


but the button doesn't appear.

Again I'm all ears on how to get this to work with the ibrowser plugin or with a better solution.

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django-filebrowser is an app that has tinymce support. You will also need to install django-grappelli as a requirement though which will significantly change the appearance of your admin

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