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I would like to see each and every function performance and the memory allocated to it. so that i can make my function run faster in c#. Is there any such type of profile is there to watch out the memory allocated to each function?

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CLR profiler

One of the important factors for performance degradation in .NET code is memory consumption. Many developers just concentrate on execution time to determine performance bottle necks in a .NET application. Only measuring execution time does not clearly give idea of where the performance issue resides. The execution time can be clearly viewed

here is the link where you can find complete details ...

hope this helps ...

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I think Microsoft's .NET performance tools has feature that you require

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Here is a utility from SysInternals that help identify the memory usage per each process... RamMap

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You need to do memory profiling of your application. Below mentioned discussion may help you about that

What Are Some Good .NET Profilers?

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