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I am using koala(1.3.0) with rails (3.0.7).

This is how I use them.

Link to click function of facebook

<%= link_to 'Facebook Login', Koala::Facebook::OAuth.new.url_for_oauth_code(:callback => facebook_redirect_url), :class => "facebook_login" %>

This goes to following link


Now I get the code in params in my facebook controller of redirect. Following is what I do next in redirect method of facebook controller.

session[:access_token] = Koala::Facebook::OAuth.new(url_r).get_access_token(params[:code]) if params[:code] 

but this line of code gives faraday ConnectionFailed error.

I am stuck at this point. Can't figure out what is the reason behind this.

I have also done the following with this another way also. After I get code in params

facebook_access_token_redirect_link = "https://graph.facebook.com/oauth/access_token?client_id=355***************&redirect_uri=#{url_i}&client_secret=MY_APP_SECRET&code=#{params[:code]}"

and redirect to this link. But then I get an error from facebook Error validating verification code

I don't understand this also.

Any help regarding this is appreciated.


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It was a silly thing. The server I was hosting my app at has banned all https connections.

Removed that restriction and I got koala working.

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i have the connection refused thing as well. Like that: "Connection refused - connect(2) for "*" port 443". I never had anything running on 443, and dont plan to. Also i never defined anywhere it should answer to there. Also it worked before with the very same code. I have no idea what kind of crazy BS this is. –  b1nary Jan 27 at 15:02

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