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I have written a code which involves media transmission between android device and a sip based phone.It works well for audio transmission.Further,I want to register the device on berkeke server but after 8seconds of launching,application gets hanged(device successfully got registered). I am unable to find whether the problem is with GUI or registration process.Earlier,before registration,it works for 90 seconds and then gets hanged.Please help me on this.

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Are you using any kind of threading to handle the transactions separate from the UI thread? Always keep two things in mind: Do not block the UI thread, and Make sure that you access the Android UI toolkit only on the UI thread. Painless Threading

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Use async calls, I think your registration is making a blocking call. http://developer.android.com/reference/android/os/AsyncTask.html

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For CPU intense tasks and network related tasks make use of the Async Tasks else your UI gets hanged you will get an ANR (Application Not Responding) error.

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