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I have added a small project as "dependent Project" to my original Project. Xcode 4.2 does not build the dependent project every time for optimization sake. So when ever i change something in the "dependent project" it is not getting reflected as long as I clean the project and build again.

Is there any way to enforce xcode to build "dependent project" every time?. I checked settings but no success.

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As long as the files you modify are referenced by a build task (i.e. code file, libs, ...) by your "dependent project", the build should be triggered even when compiling the parent project. However there is a known issue when the modified files are part of a "Copy Bundle Resources" building phase. To avoid this, you can use a small script that only "touch" a code file inside your "dependent project".

See also XCode Project Code Changes Not Updating 100% After Save-Build-Run or How to have Xcode always copy files (even if they have not been detected as modified) when building?

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