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When running Mercurial I get this error:

t3@des:gem5$ hg qnew my_p.diff
abort: no username supplied (see "hg help config")

the hg help config says:

The configuration files use a simple ini-file format. A configuration file
consists of sections, led by a "[section]" header and followed by "name =
value" entries:

  username = Firstname Lastname <firstname.lastname@example.net>
  verbose = True

But where is that ini file?

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Assuming your on linux, create the .hgrc file in either your home directory or in the repository dir in question,


Add the info(ui, username, verbose...) you stated in your question to the new file and then give it a try.

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hg help config

These files do not exist by default and you will have to create the appropriate configuration files yourself: global configuration like the username setting is typically put into "%USERPROFILE%\mercurial.ini" or "$HOME/.hgrc" and local configuration is put into the per-repository "/.hg/hgrc" file.

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