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I am wondering if such a thing could be done. This is really a very limited case of a Turing test. It is very hard of course to write code that actually will answer any kind of programming question, but relatively easy to write code that cheats and copies the answer from another source. I can think of two obvious heuristics to try and do this:

  1. find a new question from a relatively low rep user, find the closest question and post the best answer from there. It should change it a little bit to something semantically Equivalent.
  2. find a new question from a relatively low rep user, go to the manual, and determine the most likely part of it that answers the question. type "from the manual" and post it. these are typically the best reputation generators - one liners from the manual.

Since an upvote is 10 points and a downvote is just minus two, it has to nail around 20-30% of the questions to generate a positive amount of rep.

So how would you go about implementing this?

  • I would especially appreciate a frank and honest response from the bots among you.
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This is not Facebook, so I will just have to upvote instead. – Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams Feb 21 '12 at 7:00
Seems like the question is not ambiguous, not vague, seems quite complete in what it seeks, it is very specific and not rhetorical, and it can be reasonably answered with the proper knowledge base :p my 2 cents. – Jordan Feb 21 '12 at 7:56
The answer I was writing while the question was apparently being closed: Sounds alot like the problem Siri solved -- I know everyone thinks of it as a NLP breakthrough, but the real technological advance there was the ability to utilize a variety of services and databases in order to answer user questions. The reasoning and service managing components of this system are described [here.][1] [1]: – zergylord Feb 21 '12 at 8:34
I don't see the problem with this question, it could be even encouraged: link. :) – Rik Poggi Feb 21 '12 at 8:53
Although I really don't want to see bots on stackoverflow, the question is legitimate and very interesting. +1 vote for reopen. – Hannes Ovrén Feb 21 '12 at 8:59

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You have a few options:

  1. Make a bot that posts "don't use regexp" to all questions about Regular expressions. Upvotes guaranteed.
  2. Search all questions that have some sort of error message, and answers with the first google search result.
  3. Make a bot that answers to questions that have at least one vote (or tags that suggest that) to migrate the question to superuser or serverfault - copy the answer over from the target site. (I think that you get to keep the rep you acquire BEFORE the question is migrated (and eventually closed as duplicate, which probably happens to 50% of the migrated questions))
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Hey look you answered a question then voted it closed :p Looking for reputation? Clever to implement said bot to prove your point! :p – Jordan Feb 21 '12 at 7:58
Testing number 2 now. – Michael J. Calkins Nov 13 at 17:35

Just write a piece of software that posts the question to ;)

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Here's another simple and dirty one - find old questions that received one or two up-votes, and rephrase them a little bit to semantically equivalent questions.. probably most will be closed as duplicates but some might survive. accepting an answer is worth 2 reps even if the question is not up-voted..

This is getting interesting, a few more Ideas and I will start implementing. And you can all rest assured that my bot will be less of a newbie than at least 50% of SO users!

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I was thinking of this a while back and came up with 2 similar ideas:

1) Come up with 50 - 100 questions (don't have to be the best questions ever they just need to be human sounding). Post the questions using a throwaway account. After question has been answered by a few people save the best answer(based on up votes) and delete the question. Wait a couple days(giving Google time to delete question from cache). Now re-post the question and have your main account (the one your trying to get reputation on) answer it with the best answer you saved.

2) Almost the same as the above idea, but instead of making up questions grab them from a list of other tech sites.

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Opensource the robot code with the goal of the code to provide a useful response and ask contributors to vote up (useful) answers from the account.

Consider answer to include inserting link for appropriate lmgtfy for humor effect and to spread awareness of this "useful robot"

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