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I am trying to get this code to work for my site, but it is having problems. It collapses my header div ok when you click on the work link and then makes the div appear alright when you click on the other links. This all works as it should.

The problem occurs when you try to resize the browser window. It makes the #header div behave like it isnt positioned relative. The #header div and the rest of the page size on top of each other. The page is based on % and I would like it to be able to resize/zoom. Im not sure why this is happening. Can anyone help me understand why it is doing this and how to get around it?

FYI- I am unable to use the jquery .slideUp/.slideDown. It interferes with another plugin I will be using on my site.

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What plugin can interfere with slideUp()? – elclanrs Feb 21 '12 at 7:18
The fittext plugin stops working once the .slideup/.slidedown is activated. Do you know a way to get around this? – Nate Gines Feb 22 '12 at 6:29

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I guess the major reason is with the code line:


it set the height of #header from "auto" to a fixed value when the button clicked. However, the fixed value wont change when you change your browser viewport, which makes them look like isnt positioned relative. try to change it to something like:


It may not be the only place need to be adjusted, however I think it is a clue. I hope that would help :-)

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