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Our project is hosted on github and we've setup a Jenkins server, the question is we have lots of modules in the project and every module has it's own job, previously we were using perforce that it can update source code in specified modules thus only the jobs belong to those modules which have been modified will be triggered, but git will treat the whole project as a single repository and it won't tell us which modules have been modified therefore Jenkinks can't do the same thing.

I've investigated on git submodule and git subtree, seems all of them are a little complicated, is there a easier way to archive this?

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Git will tell you this information with git log (see the --exit-code parameter, which is implied by --quiet). I don't know if the Jenkins Git plugin will will give you this kind of finesse, but you can do it with a simple shell script easily enough.

To check if the directory dir changed between revision A and B,

if git log --quiet A..B -- dir ; then
    # there are no changes in "dir" between rev A and B
    # there are changes
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I have created a Jenkins Plugin to achieve this goal, it's here

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