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in netbeans when I type sout and then tab it print System.out.print();

How I can do this in springsource tool suite ? I create template in window -> preferences -> java -> editor -> but I dont know how to call this template I try TAB, ENTER or ctrl space but with no success

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I know I read this: but when press CTRL + SPACE there isnt my template – hudi Feb 21 '12 at 8:35

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I tested it on my STS and it works fine. From your link:

Check Automatically insert if you want the template to expand automatically on ctrl-space when there is no other matching template available. It is usually good idea to leave the checkbox checked, otherwise you would get a template proposal "popup".

Under General - Keys "CTRL-SPACE" is bound to "Content Assist", do you have this also?

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ok finally it works when I restore all configuration to defaults it starts works So I dont know where was the mistake but now It works thx anyway

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