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I'm writing a typing application where jbutton should react on key pressing by changing it's color, but the Mac LAF refuses to change it and i don't want use other LAFs. Is their any way to use "system clicking effect" (button becomes gray for a sec) on key pressing event?

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1) easiest and by default correct way -->

2) possible way --> required deepest knowledge of Swing, Java and LookAndFeels,

  • not MacOSX user, don't know if you are using SystemLookAndFeeel or MetalLookAndFeel, but you could be able get and override from MetalButtonUI/QuaquaButtonUI extends BasicButtonUI, maybe this one can help you
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+1 Yes, this depends on the UI delegate; I've used this alternative. –  trashgod Feb 21 '12 at 19:28
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