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I have this folder pattern:

--- 1.xib
--- 2.xib
--- 3.xib
--- 1.xib.strings
--- 2.xib.strings
--- 3.xib.strings

How to inject the localized strings files in ar.lprog into the english xib files in en.lprog IN ONE ibtool command (not typing 3 commands)?

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I got the solution:

  1. Put all the english .xib files and the localized .strings files in one folder, note the naming of strings file: name.xib.strings
  2. Create an empty folder "result" in the same location.

open terminal and type in this command:

find . -name \*.xib | xargs -t -I '{}' ibtool --strings-file '{}'.strings --write result/'{}' '{}'
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