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I currently have an issue whilst running a shell script in UNIX which would be easily solved if I could record the processes which are spawned during a run of my script. I'd thought to use the top command and record to a file e.g.

top > tmp.txt

I think this would not be applicable however as it only refreshes periodically. Does anybody know how this would be possible? Ideally it would be something like this:

    pid:123 my_script.sh   
      pid:124 grep...   
        pid:125 ...
      pid:126 ...

You get the idea.

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Top has a "batch mode", which will send the latest "top" results to standard output.

You can do something like this:

top -bn3

Which will print the top results three times to standard output.

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It sounds like you just want to know the pids of all processes that have your shell script as an ancestor. ps --forest or pstree should give you what you need.

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