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I see some similar questions here (like JavaScript: Check if CTRL button was pressed) but my problem is actually the event triggering. My js code:

    // Listen to keyboard. 
    window.onkeypress = listenToTheKey;
    window.onkeyup = listenToKeyUp;

        Gets the key pressed and send a request to the asociated function
        @input key
    function listenToTheKey(e)
        if (editFlag == 0)
            // If delete key is pressed calls delete
            if (e.keyCode == 46)

            // If insert key is pressed calls add blank
            if (e.keyCode == 45)

            if (e.keyCode == 17)
                ctrlFlag = 1;

The event triggers for any other keys except the ctrl.
I need to also trigger it for ctrl.
I can't use jQuery/prototype/whatever so those solutions are not acceptable.

So... how can I detect the ctrl? Ty for your help.

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doesn't this: if (e.ctrlKey) { .... } work..? –  DemoUser Feb 21 '12 at 9:26

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Try using if (e.ctrlKey).

MDN: event.ctrlKey

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Your event has a property named ctrlKey. You can check this to look if the key was pressed or not. See snippet below for more control like keys.

function detectspecialkeys(e){
    var evtobj=window.event? event : e
    if (evtobj.altKey || evtobj.ctrlKey || evtobj.shiftKey)
        alert("you pressed one of the 'Alt', 'Ctrl', or 'Shift' keys")
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