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Dear visitors stackoverflow!

I can not solve a simple problem: Body given the background of the picture "1.jpg" (it is automatically pressed against the header), I still need to put a picture - "2.jpg" to be pressed on the contrary to the footer. That is, I need some "rubber layout" in height, so that images were sliding when the height of the page is large, and would come when the content is not enough. I would be happy to link a working example (not even a demo, but just a site that I myself look the source code), but at least I would be grateful for the usual suggestions and ideas! Thank you in advance.

Sorry for bad English, I tried to write competently.


Thank you very much for your answers. Do not pay attention to what I chose only one, you helped me and I thank you all!

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For full browser support, I'd have one image set on the <body>, and then another image set on a site container, e.g. <div id="site">


  <div id="site">
    [Your website here]


body {background: url(img/image-1.jpg) top no-repeat;}
#site {background: url(img/image-2.jpg) bottom no-repeat;}
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Put you image 1.jpg in body background using css and 2.jpg in background of footer.

I dont know what are the sizes of your images so You can see the below link to get some help -

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You can achieve this with CSS3:

body {
    background: url("1.jpg") top left,
        url("2.jpg") bottom right;

If you require support for older browsers (See here for current support), you will have to use an tag for the second image.

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Greg, thank you so much! – user1103744 Feb 21 '12 at 10:08
@user1103744 you're quite welcome. Once you have verified that this helps you, please mark the post as accepted by clicking the green tick. – Greg Feb 21 '12 at 10:11

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