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Possible Duplicate:
ERROR: While executing gem … (Zlib::GzipFile::Error) not in gzip format

When installing a gem on my system, I get the following error:

gem install blackbook --version ">= 1.0.7" --source
ERROR:  While executing gem ... (Zlib::GzipFile::Error)
    not in gzip format

Any ideas as to why this is happening? I built the gem so maybe it is something wrong with my gem build?


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Something isn't set up properly to fetch the gem from GitHub.

try gem fetch -V

steve@macpro:~$ gem fetch blackbook --version ">= 1.0.7" --source -V
GET 301 Moved Permanently:
GET 200 OK:
ERROR:  While executing gem ... (Zlib::GzipFile::Error)
    not in gzip format

You're getting the "not in gzip format" error because gem can't fetch specs.4.8.gz. GitHub returns a 301 redirect back to your project home page, which of course isn't what it wants and isn't gzipped.

Sorry I can't help you further, but I haven't build a gem, much less on GitHub.

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You didn't mentioned your system. However it happens on Ubuntu if you do not have zlib library. The solution:

sudo apt-get install libzlib-ruby

P.S. I know the question is more than 2 years old. I just hope it might help someone else.

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Sweet, thanks for posting... just had this issue even 16 months after you posted. – Dan Caddigan Mar 27 '13 at 14:37

Possibly your gem sources are not set up correctly. used to be a correct path to rubygems, but it no longer exists.

run this command:

gem sources

If you see in your list run:

gem sources -r

You may also need to add in as a valid source

gem sources -a
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This kind of error was coming to me also. Finally I found that the Proxy settings was not correct. Please check that you can reach the gem server from command line. Just ping it :)

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