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I'm constantly having to use TouchDown/TouchUp events here in my WPF project to detect a 'double-tap'; sometimes on a listbox, sometimes a button, sometimes a telerik control. How would I go about adding a DoubleTap event and event handler to these controls? Too big of a job?

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Look at the code in: It shows you how to add behaviors to support gestures like double tap. – Dave Kerr Feb 21 '12 at 11:11

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You could create a class that is constructed with a reference to the control and a delegate function. (Please forgive my not perfect syntax [if it isn't perfect], I am typing this from memory)

public class DoubleTap {
    delegate void ActionFunction();
    Control ReferencedControl;
    public DoubleTap ( ref Control referencedControl , delegate actionFunction ) {
        ActionFunction = actionFunction;
        ReferencedControl = referencedControl;
        // apply TouchDown and TouchUp event handlers to ReferencedControl
    // Put your TouchDown and TouchUp functions for testing the double tap here
    // when double tap tests as true then call ActionFunction();
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You will have to use behaviors for this.This will include creating derived type from System.Windows.Interactivity.Behavior and override OnAttached method for TouchDown/TouchUp.

See WPF Tutorial | Behaviors and Introduction to Attached Behaviors in WPF for how to implement behaviors.

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