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I'm extremely new to flash programming, and suddenly my teacher give me assignment to make a flash about mirror reflection line.

Here is my as code to draw a simple line after following some tutorial online.

holder.moveTo(benda._x, benda._y);
holder.lineTo(289.95, 199.9);

Now i got a problem, "benda" is a motion tween object, when i test it, the as created line don't move, but "benda" move. what should i do to make it move ?

Thanks, sorry for my bad english

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If you only run the code once, you only get a "snapshot" of the position of the object. Care to elaborate on exactly what you're trying to do? –  Amy Blankenship Feb 21 '12 at 13:44

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It's not entirely clear what you're trying to do, or how much you already know about drawing in Flash.

But, here's a breakdown of what your current code is doing...


This line will create a new movie clip named "holder" in your movie, at level 1.


This line will clear the "drawing surface" in your "holder" movie clip. However, since you've JUST created "holder", it's already empty/clear. So, this line technically isn't necessary, and won't do anything.


This line sets the drawing style in your "holder" movie clip. The first parameter is the thickness of the line (1 pixel). The second parameter is the color ("0" = black). The third parameter is the alpha (transparency) of the line ("100" = fully opaque). So - long story short - the style is a 1-pixel thick black line.

holder.moveTo(benda._x, benda._y);

This line tells Flash to "move" the invisible starting point of your drawing to these coordinates: x: the current X coordinate of "benda" (whatever that is...) y: the current Y coordinate of "benda"

In other words - from the snippet of code you posted, it's not possible to tell what "benda" is. But, I'm guessing it's another movie clip you created elsewhere. So - long story short - you're telling Flash to begin a line in your "holder" movie clip that starts at the same coordinates as "benda".

holder.lineTo(289.95, 199.9);

This line of code says, "from the starting point you just set with the previous "moveTo" command, draw a line to "289.95,199.9".

So - ultimately, your code will create a movie clip named "holder", then in that clip's drawing surface, draw a line from (benda._x, benda._y) to (289.95, 199.9).

With a little more clarification, I'd be happy to help you with whatever you're trying to do.

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