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i want to make a zipped of a folder which is in side the the sdcard of device i want to make a zipped file of its and want to send as attachment as in mail. so pls any one suggest me how to make a zipped file and when my zipping is in progress, display the percentage of task finished , means as asynchronously . means visible to the user as zipping is is progress .. pls help me waiting for response.

public void get()
                vfile = "Contacts" + "_" + System.currentTimeMillis()+".vcf";

                //String vfile = "Contacts"+".vcf";

                    // TODO Auto-generated catch block
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For creating .zip archive..

Android has a in-built class ZipOutputStream support of java.util.zip package.

This class provides an implementation of FilterOutputStream that compresses data entries into a ZIP-archive output stream.

ZipOutputStream is used to write ZipEntries to the underlying stream. Output from ZipOutputStream conforms to the ZipFile file format.

Also look at this article this may be help you..

Zipping Files with Android (Programmatically)

For displaying progress bar when you are crating a .zip archive you can use Android-AsynTask. start your progress dialog on onPreExecute() of AsyncTask and stop or dismiss it on onPostExecute() also your .zip archive creating code put in doInBAckground() of AsyncTask.

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