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Issue with rendering of nested lists:

I have a class:

public MyRecord 
  String id;
  List<String > tags;

I have an object named 'records' which is of a type: List of 'MyRecord'.

I am trying to render itin JSON, using a template.

This is what I would like to do:

#{list records, as:'record'}
#{list ${record.list}, as:'tag'}

Unfortunately ${record.list} is not supported, and I failed to find a working solution.

Of course, I can add a method to MyRecord which will "render" the "tags" into the needed format, and use this method instead of the inner #{list}, but that's isn't in line with the templates approach. I am open to ideas to modify the data structure, if this will help to achieve the goal.

Thanks Max

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${record.list} should be record.tags

#{list items:records, as:'record'}
   #{list items:record.tags, as:'tag'}
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Thanks. Actually record.list is a copy/paste error. My real mistake was in using ${...} to get to the nested list. –  Max Feb 21 '12 at 12:47

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