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I'm total beginner in js and JQuery and have to complete such task:

I have to open new window with some document print preview. It is not a problem for single document, but there's a need to print more than one document. I was trying to do this like that:

var win = window.open("", "test", "width=700,height=600");

but it only loads first document and I don't have any idea how to load one after another. Also, it seems not to work on IE properly.

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To start with, you need to change this $(win.document).ready to $(document).ready - or indeed $(function() { ... }); which is a shorter version of writing it.

Same goes for the load call, but you probably want to change the binding here so that on link clicks of a specific type, the window.open is called - rather than on the document ready event.

I would also suggest you create a single link for each document you wish to print - trying to print multiple documents from a single link would require quite a lot of effort and be fairly tricky to develop and synchronise

What you could then do is use the jQuery index API to find the index of the <a> tag within the list of <a> tags, in order to generate an id to pass to your load call, so it knows which piece of content to load and subsequently print based on the link that was clicked.

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You can use jQuery UI modal dialog with iframe to show ur preview to print. and on button click of the modal dialog u cud refresh the content of iframe to show next preview

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