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I'm trying to use QOAuth but received following error:

error: 'QOAuth::Interface& QOAuth::Interface::operator=(const QOAuth::Interface&)' is private

My source code is as follows:


// ...
class Service : public QObject

// ...

    QOAuth::Interface *qoauth;
// ...


#include "service.h"

Service::Service(QObject *parent) :
*qoauth = new QOAuth::Interface;

QString Service::getAuthorizeUrl(QString consumerKey, QString consumerSecret){

    // set the consumer key and secret

    // ...

void Service::accessToken(QString url) {
    // send a request to exchange Request Token for an Access Token
    QOAuth::ParamMap reply = qoauth->accessToken(url, QOAuth::POST, m_token, m_tokenSecret, QOAuth::HMAC_SHA1);

    // ...

I don't understand pointer enough and it may be the cause...

Thanks in advance.

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*qoauth = new QOAuth::Interface; is not correct since new returns a pointer to the object it should be qoauth = new QOAuth::Interface;

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Thank you and sorry for late reply. I tried qoauth = new QOAuth::Interface then compiler complained that "base operand of '->' has non-pointer type 'QOAuth::Interface'" for e.g. qoauth->setConsumerKey(consumerKey); If I changed it dot operator and compiler said "no matching function for call to 'QOAuth::Interface::setConsumerKey(QString&)'". Which is correct...? –  phanect Feb 28 '12 at 8:48

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