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I am trying trying to fix geolocation to android on a rooted device using

geo fix 12 77

response i get is

geo: permission denied

upon rooting i get

geo: not found

if i knew where the script was located, I could cd and execute the command

P.S i tried telnet to port 5307 but with no luck

Thanks in advance

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A quick Google search indicated to me that the geo fix command is for manually setting a mock location, and probably wouldn't be useful for obtaining a real fix on your location.

Could you please provide a bit more information? What phone and ROM/version are you using? When did this problem start? Have you checked the XDA forums for your device?

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I am trying to set the mock location for my android device via terminal to test my app which does not work well on the emulator.. I am using and Android 2.2.2 Tablet (Viewpad 7) – Vikram Kamath C Mar 1 '12 at 6:38

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