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In the linker mapping file (.mp1) there is a column titled "Type" with R,W,X, and I as possible attributes, for example


Neither the manual, nor any other user guide mentions what these attributes mean. Checking my own code it is obvious that R means read, W means write, and X means code (executable), so for example, a variable is RW-?, a constant R--?, and a function R-X? Here I noted with ? the presence or absence of I, for which I could not find any meaning.

Does anyone know what I in the RWXI means?

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Section 7.2.2 of this manual:

I/- Initial value Yes/No
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Thanks, it seems the manual I read was too brief to include it. Still, I find it strange, why the I tag is present not only in CONST sections, but in CODE sections as well. I assumed it means that an area is initialized vs. containing undefined "garbage". –  vsz Feb 29 '12 at 9:06

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