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I have setup EKCalendarChooser to allow user to pick a Calendar and I have setup EKCalendarChooserDelegate Protocol to check on selection. I do get a calendarChooserDidFinish with the results but I still not clear how to change over to calendar. I see the selectedCalendars property but I guess I was expecting a way to set the the pick Calendar by setting eventStore or identifier - I may be having using using NSSet that is coming back?

So when I change a Calendar I have done something along the lines of

  self.defaultCalendar = [self.eventStore calendarWithIdentifier:identifier];

or id creating a new Calendar

    self.defaultCalendar = [EKCalendar calendarWithEventStore:eventStore];
    self.defaultCalendar.title = @"Demo calendar";
    self.defaultCalendar.source = localSource;
    [eventStore saveCalendar:self.defaultCalendar commit:YES error:nil];

How do I change to new select Calendar from EKCalendarChooser ?

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If I've understood your problem correctly, then your looking for how to set your calendar when you receive calendarChooser.selectedCalendars property in your delegate method?

Provided you only allow one calendar to be set in your EKCalendarChooser then you can do something along the lines of:

- (void)calendarChooserSelectionDidChange:(EKCalendarChooser *)calendarChooser
    EKCalendar *newCalendar = [calendarChooser.selectedCalendars anyObject];

If you allow more than one calendar to be selected then you'll need to loop through the NSSet instead.

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Great answer - Thanks –  timeview Feb 28 '12 at 14:27
Could you include an answer with the multiple selection feature? I'd greatly appreciate it –  jsetting32 Apr 30 '13 at 20:29

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