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I have created a scatter graph with three plot spaces. One for two y-axis each and one for the x-axis. I am able to show data for both y-axis. However now i want to move only the data,i.e. two line and not the two y-axis.Only the data and x-axis should move.

I have tried allowUserinteraction property. However is I enable it for x-axis, x axis moves without the data. If i enable it for both/either of axis, y axis also moves with data and scale of y-axis is not visible all the time. Can someone help pleas.e This is my first work with core plot.

I will add code if required.


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Since each plot space has both x and y ranges, I would just use two plot spaces for this situation. Use the same xRange for both plot spaces and assign the x-axis to one of them.

The easiest way to make them scroll only in the X direction is to set the globalYRange to the same range as the yRange for both plot spaces. Set allowsUserInteraction to YES for both plot spaces. If you need to change the yRange later, set the globalYRange to nil before you change the yRange and reset it afterwards. If you ever update the X range manually, be sure to always set it on both plot spaces.

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