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I'm using IBM RAD 7.5.5 (which is basically eclipse 3.4 (ganymede) + plugins).

I'm trying to create a connection to Oracle 10 using the "Data Source Explorer" view.

When I create a new connection for Oracle, there are three "driver" options:

  1. "Oracle 10 - Oracle OCI Driver Default"

  2. "Oracle 10 - Oracle Thin Driver Default"

  3. "Oracle 10 - Other Driver Default"

1 & 2 don't work for me because I need to connect to the db using a "Service Name", not an "SID". The dialog box does not give me the option of specifying a Service Name, and it does not allow me to manually specify the connection URL. (Service Name has a different URL syntax, uses a '\' instead of a ':", like so ...

With SID: jdbc:oracle:oci:@localhost:1521:the_sid

With Service Name: jdbc:oracle:oci:@localhost:1521\the_sevrice_name

So ... I want to use option #3 which allows me to specify the URL manually. The problem is I add the driver file ojdbc14.jar to the JAR list, but it keeps telling me "Invalid JAR definition; driver list not defined".

Can anyone help? I'm really stuck on this. :(

Thanks, Rob

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FYI, at long last I found a solution to my problem.

While I was never able to establish the connection with the "Service Name" using Eclipse/DTP "Data Source Explorer", I was able to establish the connection with "Service Name" using SQL Developer. Once connected with SQL Developer, I did a ...

select sys_context ('userenv','instance_name') from dual; 

... to determine the database's SID.

With the SID I was able to connect with option #1 and the driver contained in ojdbc14.jar.

Thanks all, Rob

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