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I need to output a plot on page, and I'm considering Highstock or Highcharts to implement this. Highstock interface is more preferable due to navigator pane showing the rest of plot after rezooming.

However my plot has numbers in x-asis, but not date/time. Is there any way to use Highstock with numerical x-scale? Or add similar navigator to Highcharts?

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Highstock's only type of xAxis is datetime, so using it with numbers is not an option. (Maybe if you make some tricky formatting actions and define a custom tooltip with the same formatting options it might be possible).

Leaves only Highcharts and there is an example called master-detail chart that could meet your requirements.

Hope that helps.

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Below X Axis formatter can be used with high Stock for displaying numbers in X-Axis:

xAxis: {labels: {   formatter: function () {return this.value;}} }
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this is awesome. thanks. should do the same with navigator: { xAxis: {labels: { formatter: function () {return this.value;}} } } that way also the navigator has the correct x-axis labels – Edoz Sep 26 '14 at 21:46
And to display text, calibrate the dates to start at 0 and then use return myArray[this.value] in the function, where myArray is a variable that contains your text values. – bartelski Sep 9 at 9:51
xAxis: {
    type: 'linear' // Other types are "logarithmic", "datetime" and "category"
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