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I have a formdata that I'm adding to a FormPanel. I'm adding few text fields to the formpanel with formdata. And then I'm adding the buttons to the Form panel. I only want the border around the Formpanel ie around text fields and buttons together. But currently I'm having a border around the formdata and another around the formpanel, separating the text fields and the buttons. Code is

private FormPanel editFormPanel = new FormPanel();
FormData formData = new FormData("-10");        
    formData.setMargins((new Margins(5)));  




editFormPanel.add(event, formData);
editFormPanel.add(knownIssues, formData);


Is there a way that I can remove/disable the borders around the formdata?


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Found the solution, need the setBodyBorder property of the FormPanel to false and that will solve the issue.


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First of all, I find a typo in your code:

    editnoccEventFormPanel.add(knownIssues, formData);

Is it another form panel?

FormData does not render border. Refer GXT examples in sencha.com. Here is the link

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Sorry, that was by mistake. I'm adding all the components to the same formpanel. I agree that Formdata does not have Border, hence I'm confused why I'm getting the border around the text fields only and one around the text fields after the buttons. –  Global Dictator Feb 21 '12 at 16:27

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