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I'm having trouble replacing some HTML strings when they are coming from an database connection and was wondering if you could help.

html = Replace(html, "<ul>", "<ul class=""line"">")

The above line I'm using to replace all <ul> that I pull through with the preferred UL class. Problem is that all tags are coming through as normal.

I use the above code to successfully replace the following and was wondering why it wouldn't do the same for <ul>.

html = Replace(html, "&lt;", "<")
html = Replace(html, "&gt;", ">")


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Drop this code

html = Replace(html, "&lt;", "<")
html = Replace(html, "&gt;", ">") 

If you do that, this will display all the "<" and ">" as is, instead of interpreting them as tag delimiters.

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Unfortunately I have to keep these in place due to a requirement from a system that puts information into the SQL tables. – PipBoy Feb 21 '12 at 14:22

Decode the HTML first, then re-encode it:

Html = server.HtmlDecode(Html).Replace("<ul>", "<ul class=""line"">")
Html = Server.HtmlEncode(Html)
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Forgive my ignorance but can I do these at the same time as my other html conversions? – PipBoy Feb 21 '12 at 14:26

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