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I have created an intent filter to associate my activity with a custom file extension. This works OK: the mail app starts my activity for an attachment with the custom extension.

In the activity I read the Intent like so:

Uri uri = getIntent().getData();

and I can open an inputstream OK, but I would like to know the filename and extension for the attachment. Any way to get this from the Uri ?

I tried getting this information via a cursor, but the mail app seems to have only two columns: _id and _data, not something that could be related to the filename and or extension.

I know I cannot access the actual file, but need to know the name of the file.

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If you perform a query with the given Uri, the cursor has 4 columns: _id, _data, _display_name and _size. The _display_name is the filename with extension.

Source: AOSP Email Application

AttachmentUtilities.Columns - Columns used when query the attachment Uri

AttachmentProvider - Attachment Provider implementation

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