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Suppose I have the following XML structure:

  <item1>some text is <b>here</b></item1>
  <item2>more text is here</item2>

I can parse the xml using something like:

             var first_text = $(this).find('item1').text();
             var second_text = $(this).find('item2').text();

But the html is not preserved when using .text(). html() is not available for xml in jquery.

Any ideas on how to keep the inner html when parsing the xml?

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nest the sections you don't want interpreted as xml within CDATA sections e.g.

  <item1><![CDATA[some text is <b>here</b>]]></item1>
  <item2><![CDATA[more text is here]]></item2>

EDIT: Note, if using .text() doesn't work, try the following:

Quoting from: http://dev.jquery.com/ticket/2425

I've just re-encountered this. For the curious my workaround is instead of using .text() to use this plugin I created (simply replace .text() with .getCDATA():

jQuery.fn.getCDATA = function() {
    return this[0].childNodes[0].nodeValue;
    // Other browsers do this
return this[0].childNodes[1].nodeValue;

It ain't pretty, but in my case did the job.

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So if the html is not enclosed in CDATA, there is no way around it right? –  safoo Jun 2 '09 at 4:56
correct. unless you want to try parsing the text which would get very messy, and I would advise against if you can avoid it –  Jonathan Fingland Jun 2 '09 at 5:10

Text() will give you the text information of the node. However if you use:

var first_text = $(this).find('item1').html();
var second_text = $(this).find('item2').html();

you will get the HTML tags too.

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Thanks David, Im new to adding comments to Stack, i didn't know to add code like that. –  DWolf Nov 5 '12 at 22:34

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