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How can I configure Notepad++ to open a file in a new window when I right-click it and select Edit with Notepad++ ? I already know I have to launch the program with the -multiInst switch, I just don't know how to add that to the registry mapping for the right-click.

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Thank you very much (: –  CupOfTea696 Feb 22 '12 at 9:41

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If you want to fix the right-click behavior of "Edit with Notepad++", first go to:


If the default value is:


then go to:


Among the items should be Custom REG_SZ and nothing after it. Change the value to -nosession -multiInst.

It should now read Custom REG_SZ -nosession -multiInst. If you already have custom arguments defined, then just add a space and append -nosession -multiInst to the list.

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