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hi this should be a quick one i am very new to both sass and haml i know they are very delicate languages. i am looping through an Array of Structs, i would like to color the information turned out by the loop and not anything else. my haml looks like this:

  - test = sprint.work_by_developer
    - test.each do |data|
        = data.name
        = data.features
        = data.chores
        = data.bugs

my sass looks like this:

  :width 70px
  :padding 13px
  :font-weight bold

  :width 155px 
  :color #2B65EC

i would really like the numbers from data.features, data.chores and data.bugs to be a light blue color: any ideas, tips, tricks, comments, concerns and critisms are appreciated :)

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Just wrap them in a span with a specific class and add the appropriate rules for that class.

%span.light-blue= data.features

  :color ...
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