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I'm having a small problem with this function, MathHelper.Lerp(float f1, float f2, float amount). What I'm trying to accomplish is this: I'm having a DataTable in my program with angles and a value correspinding towards this angle value. When you choose an angle not present in the Table I want to use Linear Interpolation to manage this. I want something to replace my first implementation of this which looked like this:

else if(angle >= 50 && marklast < 65)
            DataRow row1 = table.Rows.Find(50);
            DataRow row2 = table.Rows.Find(65);
            someVariable = SomeMethod(row1, row2);

So now I have a lot of these If statments and would like an other way of doing this with the MathHelper.Lerp, problem is I'm having a hard time getting the function, what is amount? And would you modify this in a good way for my implementation?

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On the assumption that there are no supernatural beings in your table, I have edited your question :) –  phoog Feb 21 '12 at 14:39

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Amount is a value in 0..1 range.

if it is 0 lerp return source value, 
if it is 1 lerp return target value, 
if it is a value between 0..1 lerp will return a linear interpolated value between the source and the target values. 

I'm not sure you want to do... I think is something like this:

Amount = (angle - 50)/(65-50);
InterpolatedValue = MathHelper.Lerp(row1.Value, row2.Value, Amount);
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