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I have a JscrollPane which holds a JPanel on which I draw. I would like to use the MouseWheelEvent to:

  • zoom the (with CTRL+Wheel) Panel content
  • and to scroll the scrollpane (with just the wheel)

Each action by itself works, but I dont't manage to make both work. As soon as I add a MouseWheelListener to the JPanel, the event does not arrive at the JScrollPanels listner.

How can I get the MouseWheelEvent to be forwarded the JScrollPanes MouseWheelListener if it has not been used in the JPanel?

EDIT: Thanks for the hint: Is there also a way to make both listeners listen? Because the scrolling in the scrollpane is actually default implemented. So is there a way to use it without any additional implementation?

Thanks & Regards, Marc

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Make your custom listener dispatch the events (which it doesn't want to handle itself) to the sender's parent, eventually, the scrollPane will pick them up:

    final MouseWheelListener wheel = new MouseWheelListener() {

        public void mouseWheelMoved(MouseWheelEvent e) {
            if (shouldHandleHere(e)) {
            } else {

        public boolean shouldHandleHere(MouseWheelEvent e) {
            return (e.getModifiersEx() & MouseWheelEvent.CTRL_DOWN_MASK) != 0;
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When you register a listener, you assign a method to execute when a particular behaviour is detected. Suppose I have :

  • Listener1 executing method1
  • Listener2 executing method2

If listener1 prevent the listener2 from listening, you just have to call method1 and method2 when listener1 is triggered.

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Thanks for the reply, is there also a way to make both listeners listen? See Edit. –  Marc Feb 22 '12 at 7:17

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