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I am facing a problem when i fetched the rails project from github.

When i cloned the repository and try to run the code from a remote system, i got the following errors.

["ok","(function() {\n\n\n\n}).call(this);\n"]

(in e:/github_projects/myfork/TestRepo/TestProj/app/assets/javascripts/users.js.coffee)

Extracted source (around line #6):

3: <head>
4:   <title>TestProj</title>
5:   <%= stylesheet_link_tag    "application", :media => "all" %>
6:   <%= javascript_include_tag "application" %>
7:   <%= csrf_meta_tags %>
8: </head>
9: <body>

I am currently using rails 3.2.0 in windows environment.

I have created only a simple rails project with user scaffold in order to test it.

Its working fine while i worked with that in my local system before moving to github.



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would you please paste the content of users.js.coffee? –  larryzhao Feb 21 '12 at 14:51
I do not have any content in that file other than the default content produced while performing scaffold. The default content is as given below. # Place all the behaviors and hooks related to the matching controller here. # All this logic will automatically be available in application.js. # You can use CoffeeScript in this file: jashkenas.github.com/coffee-script –  maniempire Feb 22 '12 at 9:54

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It's quite strange, I might recommend that you delete everything in the user.js.coffee and save it and try again. It looks that there's some wrong returns in there.

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I got narrowed down this issue now. It might be mainly due to my windows 7 system. i am freshly trying to install the rails to check out this issue. Now its causing another problem which i am trying to resolve using stackoverflow.com/questions/7780756/… –  maniempire Feb 23 '12 at 19:19

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