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I have a query by QueryOver :

public IList<Person> SearchTest(PersonEnumType type)
    var q = SessionInstance.QueryOver<Person>();
    q = q.Where(x => (x.PersonEnumType & type) == type);
    return q.List<Person>();

and PersonEnumType is a Enum flags :

public enum PersonEnumType
     Employee1 = 1,
     Employee2 = 2,
     Employee3 = 4

This throws Could not determine member from (Convert(x.PersonEnumType) & Convert(value(NHibernate.Repository.PersonRepositoryNh+<>c__DisplayClass2).type))

Of course this works in Nhibernate.Linq.


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My guess is that with Linq the operation is done in memory so it will first load all the persons and then do the x.PersonEnumType & type filtering in memory. Or maybe the linq provider is just that good. Anyway you can do it using ICriteria –  Toni Parviainen Feb 21 '12 at 16:42

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if you've mapped your property properly in your mapping file:

<property name="PersonEnumType" type="MyApp.PersonEnumType, MyApp">
    <column name="Person" default="1" />

You can achieve what you're looking for using filters.
I don't know if this is the only solution but, here it goes:

You can create a filter definition:

<filter-def name="PersonEnumTypeFilter">
    <filter-param name="personType" type="MyApp.PersonEnumType, MyApp"/>

and implement it in your class mapping:

<filter name="PersonEnumTypeFilter" condition="(:personType &amp; PersonEnumType) = PersonEnumType"/>

Now you can switch on your filter:

public IList<Person> SearchTest(PersonEnumType type)
    SessionInstance.EnableFilter("PersonEnumTypeFilter").SetParameter("personType",   type);
    var q = SessionInstance.Query<Person>();
    return q.ToList<Person>();

You can read more about filters here.

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Only problem is that he doesn't want to use == but instead & –  Toni Parviainen Feb 21 '12 at 16:34
@ToniParviainen: Thanks. I misread. –  LeftyX Feb 21 '12 at 18:04

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