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I built a simple ecommerce site in ASP.NET. It allows customers to browse thousands of digital products and get to a product info page where they would place the order.

This is where I need to integrate a shopping cart and checkout / payment component, compete with HTTPS security.

How do I ADD a shopping cart / payment gateway for digital download to my existing site?

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Not possible to answer your exact question.

There are at least dozens of different shopping carts and how you integrate is completely dependent on which one you choose.

If you don't need a full shopping cart, and just want to go direct to a payment gateway ( or Paypal for example) then it is dependent upon the provider you pick. All of the good providers have examples on how to pass the processing info to them.

With regards to SSL, you will need to acquire one for your web server. If you are hosted, contact your host. If local, then go through one of the many providers such as Thawte, Verisign, etc.

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