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I am using Tcl from Python Tkinter Module like below

from Tkinter import *
Tcl = Tcl().eval
Tcl("info patchlevel") 

You can see Tcl version 8.3 is selected by python.

But i also have tcl8.4 in my system. Now,how do i make python select tcl8.4 in Tkinter module.

Tcl8.3 does not have Expect package,so i can not use Expect package in Python Tcl/Tk.


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I think the version of Tcl/Tk is used by python is determined at compiling time. So you need to look at the code, recompile python against the version of Tcl/Tk you want to use. Maybe recompiling the _tkinter.so library is enough too, since it's loaded dynamically.

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