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Simplexml parse 3200 elements in 7 sec on Galaxy S. Every element has 7 attributes. How I can to improve performance?

  <Item A="..." B="..." C="..." ... />
  <Item A="..." B="..." C="..." ... />
  <Item A="..." B="..." C="..." ... />


InputStream in = new BufferedInputStream(mContext.getAssets().open("t.xml"));
Reader decoder = new InputStreamReader(in, "UTF8");
Persister serializer = new Persister();
respT = serializer.read(RespT.class, decoder, false);
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You can try to use Vtd-Xml, it faster than most parsers.

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After using Vtd-Xml (with XPath) I've got the result in 1.5 sec for this xml file. Thanks a lot!!! –  Svyatoslav Feb 22 '12 at 13:07

If the xml's structure is simple and don't change in time - you have the same tags and the tree is simple, you may build your own parser.

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