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I have an image in my bundle at Bundle/Resources/public/images/abc.png.

I want to reference it from a template file. My first thought was <img src="{{ asset('images/abc.png') }}" /> which is obviously not working.

I don't want to have a folder like Bundle/Resources/public in the rendered HTML, so is there a way to reference a resource file in a nice way? I couldn't find anything about this in the documentation.

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The assets:install command places (or symlinks) all bundle resources under the web/bundles directory. The AcmeDemoBundle/Resources/public/images/img.png then placed under web/bundles/acmedemo/images/img.png and you can use asset('bundles/acmedemo/images/img.png') in your template. This is the "official" way, most bundles use assets this way.

You can write your own asset installing command if you want, see vendor/symfony/src/Symfony/Bundle/FrameworkBundle/Command/AssetsInstallCommand.php or any other solution which places assets under the web directory.

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Just put the image in the folder you specify in the asset method.

| app/
| src/
| web/
`-| images/
  `-| abc.png
  | javascript/
  | css/
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I want to keep it maintainable and don't have one big image folder with resources from multiple bundles. Is it best practice to do it like that in symfony? –  crudolf Feb 21 '12 at 15:28
I can't tell you about best practises, but the folder you pass to the asset-method is evaluated from the root of your webdirectory. So, whatever you pass the method will be the folder under the web directory symfony searches in. –  Florian Peschka Feb 21 '12 at 15:30
I bet that there are other options. I will have to look at some real world bundles, how they reference images. –  crudolf Feb 21 '12 at 15:40
@crudolf - If you don't want to copy them, then you can use --symlink parameter to assets:install command. –  Anton Babenko Feb 21 '12 at 20:14

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