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I have a qdialog, with a buttonbox at the bottom; Why isn't this slot not getting fired when a "signal" occurs? The code look like the following:

    std::unique_ptr<MW::GenStd> box(new MW::GenStd(&tOut, &tIn));
    box->ui.ChoiceButtons->addButton ("Ask",
        QDialogButtonBox::AcceptRole );
    box->ui.ChoiceButtons->addButton ("OverWrite",
        QDialogButtonBox::AcceptRole );
    box->ui.ChoiceButtons->addButton ("merge",
        QDialogButtonBox::AcceptRole );
    box->ui.ChoiceButtons->addButton ("Skip",
        QDialogButtonBox::RejectRole );

    QObject::connect(box->ui.ChoiceButtons, SIGNAL(clicked(QPushButton* b)), box.get(), SLOT(OnClick(QPushButton* b)));

    return box->exec();

Where MW::GenStd is a dialog box (and ui.ChoicButtons a buttonbox). The modal dialog is correctly displayed - however it doesn't seem to interact at all.. Pressing the buttons doesn't fire the event. The slot is declared like the following:

public slots:
    void OnClick(QPushButton* b) {
        auto s(b->text());
        if (s == "Merge") {
        } else if (s == "Overwrite") {
        } else if (s == "Skip") {
        } else if (s == "Ask") {


(I know it's terribly to do such a string comparison here, but it's just as a quick mock up test to validate the buttons). But debugging shows the function isn't ever reached!

EDIT: as suggested looking at the output showed a culprit: Object::connect: No such signal QDialogButtonBox::clicked(QPushButton*) in AskGUISupport.cpp:150 However that seems totally strange as the QDialogButtonBox does have a clicked signal? documentation

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What is the type of ChoiceButtons? Also, when connection failed, Qt prints warning to console/debugger, that will be extremely useful. – Lol4t0 Feb 21 '12 at 15:49
@Lol4t0: well this error pops up Object::connect: No such signal QDialogButtonBox::clicked(QPushButton*) in AskGUISupport.cpp:150 - But the qt manually really states clicked is a signal? – paul23 Feb 21 '12 at 15:50
Why are you not connecting QPushButton clicked() signals directly to your slots? You cannot define your own custom signal for a ButtonBox class (Is this a Qt widget class?) and expect the event loop to know this signal and fire it automagically. – ksming Feb 21 '12 at 15:53
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QDialogButtonBox has a signal clicked ( QAbstractButton * button ) so you need to define a slot void OnClick(QAbstractButton* b) and connect to it. Use QAbstractButton, not QPushButton.

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Do not use variable names in connect:

QObject::connect(box->ui.ChoiceButtons, SIGNAL(clicked(QPushButton*)), 
                 box.get(), SLOT(OnClick(QPushButton*)));
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QDialogButtonBox class does not has signal


It has clicked ( QAbstractButton*) insted.

You should be very precise in signatures, when using signals/slots mechanisms. Any casts not allowed, because Qt uses strings internally to check signatures.

You should use clicked (QAbstractButton*) signature and adjust your slot to accpet QAbstractButton*. Make a slot

void OnClick(QAbstractButton* b);
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