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I have developed a javascript API application that retrieves Google Streetview images based on where a user clicks on an interactive map.

For some reason in the past couple of days there have been intermittent issues with this process as a grey screen is just returned and it isn't until you start to pan around that an image is returned.

The same thing happens in Google's own API example here:-

After the initial click, subsequent clicks just return a grey screen (this is in Internet Explorer 7, it appears to work in Google Chrome and Firefox).

This didn't used to be a problem - has anyone else experienced this issue when using Internet Explorer (either version 7 or another)?


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I think this is a bug in the 3.8 nightly api build. Specify a specific api build.

Google documentation reference

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Thanks Steven that solved it! :) –  user1223748 Feb 28 '12 at 9:01

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