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I got a json structure somehow as below and my question is how can i parse this with jQuery so that i can use it like myJson[0].name and than alert it so that "M\\xe9t\\xe9o" = Météo.

Jquery tells me this is invalid json why ? Json uses double backslash if i use single backslash ("M\xe9t\xe9o") Jquery is OK with the syntax.

var jsonObj = '{"title":[{"id":"1","name": "M\\xe9t\\xe9o"},{"id":"2","name": "Meteo"}]}';

var myJson = jQuery.parseJSON(jsonObj);
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The JSON syntax only allows \uxxxx escapes.
Change it to "M\\u00e9t\\u00e9o".

If you use a single backslash, it gets parsed by the Javascript string literal, so the actual string value contains the real Unicode character, not an escape. In other words, "M\xe9t\xe9o" === "Météo"

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my bad i assumed it accepted \\x i'll change it to \\uxxxx looks like it works thx – Marcio Feb 21 '12 at 16:12

It is looks like the json was incorrectly (manually?) encoded. When you encode it in UTF-8, e.g. with PHP, you'll get:

{"title":[{"id":"1","name": "M\u00e9t\u00e9o"},{"id":"2","name": "Meteo"}]}

which is correctly parsed by JS. But \xe9 is unrecognized by parser.

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