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So I have a panel and depending upon users entry they are populated with an x number of jlabels. Now the problem is, when the user entered information the labels successfully populate but they do not display properly in the panel; they don't even show.

Only when I resize the frame they appear?

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for better help sonner please edit your question with SSCCE, otherwise everrything will be shots to the dark – mKorbel Feb 21 '12 at 16:47

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It's been a while since I did Swing programming and I am trying to remember the method which you are supposed on a container after you add components. I think it's revalidate().

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usually you have to call:

JPanel yourPanel = new JPanel();
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invalidate marks a component as needing to be relaid out soon because the component or one of its children has been resized or become visible or invisible. invalidate is called on a component automatically when children components are added/removed.

validate checks that a container is valid and if not, calls doLayout or invalidateTree to calculate positions and sizes of children components. validate effectively redoes the layouts if necessary, deciding on new sizes and locations of all components in the container.

After adding/removing components from a container, validate must be called on the parent to let the LayoutManager redo the layout. Calling validate does not schedule a repaint, so you may need to call repaint after the validate.

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