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The method:

Intent.parseUri(..., Intent.URI_INTENT_SCHEME),%20int%29

available since API level 4 allows to "serialize" essentially all of an Intent instance data into a URI under the "intent:" scheme.

1) Is there an official, published specification for that URI scheme?

It doesn't seem to be listed on

2) Are URIs generated with Intent.toUri() and consumed by Intent.parseUri() stable/supported across API versions (supported in future platform version)?

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just "earned" the "tumbleweed" badge for that question;) don't know if that's a good thing .. come on .. no one there? – oberstet Feb 28 '12 at 17:46
That would be great! I'd assume no, there is no official spec. Google is so silent, seems it must be intentional; they aren't ready to call this an "API." I think it's only safe to assume that toUri() and parseUri() are compatible in the same Android API Level. One could experiment with existing API Levels, write unit tests to use with future ones, and/or watch the source. – Will Apr 17 '12 at 14:52

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