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In my Rails app I have an @events collection of objects inherited from Event::Base < AR::Base model.

If rendering it like render :partial => 'event', :collection => @events it's possible to give an option :as => :event to change the name of a local variable corresponding to the object inside of the partial. But what to do when the name of the partial is not constant? The aforementioned way (render @events, :as => :event) doesn't work.

PS. There's a solution at blog.obiefernandez.com but it uses the last part of the partial name and this just doesn't fit for me.

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I haven't tried this myself to verify, but this might work:

class Event < ActiveRecord::Base

  def to_partial_path
    # assuming that you need different partials based on an attribute "variety"


You may also need to use the :partial key, eg: render :partial => @events, :as => :event instead of render @events, :as => :event

EDIT: This only works in Rails 3.2+ ... see Obie's writeup on the topic.

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render partial: @events, as: :event did work! Thanks! It's so counter-intuitive to pass a collection as partial, I always thought it can only be a name of the file. –  RocketR May 5 '12 at 21:46

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