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I'm trying to turn the camera flash on my WP7 on permanently.


PhotoCamera cam = new Microsoft.Devices.PhotoCamera(CameraType.Primary);
cam.FlashMode = FlashMode.On;

as suggested on MSDN makes the camera flash when a photo is taken.

How do i get the flash to turn on and off on demand? There's a heart rate monitor app on the marketplace that does this - and it isn't made by an OEM with special permissions, so I know it's possible.


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Well Ill tell you how to do it the easy (free) way.

private VideoCamera _VideoCamera;

public Start()
    VideoCamera = new VideoCamera();
    VideoCamera.Initialized += (___, ____) =>      
        VideoCamera.LampEnabled = true;

See all your doing is turning on the camera and not showing it on the screen.

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